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Luca – New Still, New Info

Enrico Casarosa Luca

Pixar’s next feature length movie, Luca, currently has a release date of June 18th – just 5 months away from today. Soul experienced a lot of delays due to COVID-19, so let’s keep that in mind when considering the release dates for 2021 movies. But fingers crossed we’ll be able to enjoy Luca this summer. It has such a lovely, relaxing look to it – just what we’ll all be in the mood for!

A new still was released by Empire Magazine today, showing protagonists Luca and Alberto standing in a picturesque Italian high street. You can really tell the character designs have branched out a bit recently. Soul had such an impressive diversity of looks, and Luca has gone down its own route as well. Look how charming they are!

A little more info has been revealed on the plot of Luca as well. Empire Magazine spoke to director Enrico Casarosa, who said the film should have noticeable influences from Italian classic filmmakers like Fellini, and even from Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki.

Luca and Alberto are secretly sea monsters, but look totally human when on land. Look at that fountain in the second image – do sea monsters play a role in the human community’s folklore? It looks like we might see them getting up to all sorts of antics in this idyllic little Italian seaside town, which is based on five little Italian villages in real life in Cinque Terre. (Google it and be amazed!) The two boys befriend a human girl on one of their visits. We can’t wait to find out more about her!

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