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The official trailer for Pixar’s next feature-length movie Luca was released yesterday morning and based on our Twitter feed, we are all enthusiastically waiting for June 18th! The trailer has solidified for us that Luca is the perfect movie for summer with its use of bright colors and lighting. 

If you saw the teaser trailer, you may be familiar with new characters like Giulia Marcavaldo (voiced by Emma Berman) who acts like a guide – both literally and figuratively – to friends, Luca Paguro (voiced by Jacob Tremblay) and Alberto Scorfano (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer), two sea monsters hiding their identities on a trip to the Italian Riviera. 

We also discover the name of the presumed villain, named Ercolé (voiced by Saverio Raimondo), and it is quite clear that he thinks something is “fishy” with Luca and Alberto and he’s on the hunt to find out what they’re hiding. 

From the beginning, we were so impressed by the character design and it was a treat to witness their personalities on-screen! As we learned from the virtual press event, Enrico Casarosa, director of Luca, was directly inspired by his own childhood friendship and the adventures that they had together in Italy. His mission was to illustrate that friendships could be “transformative” and we are truly excited to see his vision come to life this summer.

Okay, time for details!  

The environment sets of Luca truly stand out and at times, we caught ourselves pausing to look at the various textures and details. It really adds to the playful and idyllic nature of the film. How gorgeous! As always, Pixar knows exactly how to transport us to a different time, a different city. It leaves us wanting more of the Italian Riviera! We can’t be the only ones completely enamored with the lighting of these stills, can we?

We also couldn’t help but focus on the character designs and we had to include one… or four beautiful stills from the trailer! If this is a snippet of the world of Luca, who knows what else is in store for us? Luca and Alberto’s expressions range from wonder to mischief and we’re so excited to get to know them better. “Silenzio, Bruno!”

Luca is exclusively premiering on Disney+ on June 18th.

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