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WALL•E “Love Is In The Air” Music Clip

The French official Walt Disney site has a really long music clip called "Leçons de Séduction" wich features WALL•E and the song "Love is in the Air" with lots of new scenes!

WARNING alerte de becquet (Spoiler Alert)!

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  1. Elikrotupos says:

    I. CAN’T. WAIT.

  2. Netbug009 says:

    Oh man…. This is so tempting… But I think I’ve looked at enough clips before seeing the movie. I’ll bookmark this and some back after I see it.

  3. Ratatooee1 says:

    I’m so happy, it’s in French ! But it’s reel that there isn’t many voices in that clip but it makes me happy 🙂

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